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  • Hybrid Phone Gap mobile App Development by Certified Developers
  • Alif Tech uses modern day Technologies to Compete with Global Standards also for Client Satisfaction
  • Alif Technologies Provides 100% Satisfactory Products & Services to all its Clients Around the Globe
  • Alif Technologies is among the top IT Based companies in J&K with 20+ Highly skilled Professional
  • Alif Technologies is a ISO 9001-2008 Company believes in professional atmosphere and work Culture.
  • ALIF Designers, Developers are Highly skilled professionals and Dedicated support Team always there

Offshore Infragistics Software Development

We at Alif Technologies offer Infragistics Technology to build and style immersive user experiences and rich data visualization in line with business applications across all platforms – Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and Silverlight. Our Infragistics Net Advantage provides the most comprehensive set of components for building and styling commercial class user interfaces quickly.

Built on frameworks and common object models, NetAdvantage is a single integrated toolset for creating commercial class user interfaces for Microsoft environments. They are easy to learn and easy to move from one interface element to the next, and from one environment to the next.

Alif Technologies also provides interactive user interface in Windows and Web based projects using Infragistics. Implementing Spreadsheet functionalities in .NET application is a common requirement for various clients now-a-days. Alif Technologies has satisfied these client requirements through the UltraGrid control available Infragistics. UltraGrid control also provides various built-in and custom functions as like in Excel. Other controls which Alif Technologies has used extensively in .NET applications are UltraTab, UltraLabel, UltraButton, UltaChart, UltarComboEditor.

Infragistics Programming Skill Sets

  • Used Infragistics for designing the web and windows applications
  • Used Infragistics controls – UltraTab, UltraGrid, UltraButton
  • Programming Spreadsheet functionalities with Infragistics UltraGrid control
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