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Landing page is a web page your potential website visitors arrive at after clicking on an advertisement or a search engine result link. It could be your home page, or any other page on your site. The web page typically displays content which is a relevant extension of the advertisement or the link. Improving your landing page by displaying products and services optimally for each viewer in order to facilitate conversions is known as landing page optimization.

1. Determine strategy. If it’s a newsletter, the conversion is entering an email address. If it’s event registration, it’s filling out a form.

2. Research your buyers. Profile your ideal visitor. Don’t rely on generic demographic descriptions. Visitors expect a targeted message. Tailor pages accordingly.

3. Eliminate ‘interest killers.’ Strip away unneeded elements. Customers on your landing page were already screened by your ad. They expect a specific message.

4. Ensure continuity. Clue visitors they’ve arrived at the right place by using your ad heading on the landing page.

5. No navigation options. Remove the nav bar unless it’s essential. You want visitors converting, not clicking elsewhere.

6. Keep key content ‘above the fold.’ Place content needed for visitors to decide whether to continue on a single screen. If they have to scroll, the only thing they’ll click is the back button.

7. Multiple conversion paths. Put conversion exits above the fold and at every scroll-and-a-half of screen space. The easier to convert, the greater the conversions.

8. Lead eye to target. Use type and color to lead visitors to the conversion link. Keep key information close to the center of the screen.

9. Optimize your forms. Allow users to tab around fields and auto-populate fields. Request only essentials: email address for a newsletter, Zip Code for state, county or city.

10. Test frequently. After designing your landing page, test it with a user group to determine whether the parameters listed above have properly addressed.

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