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  • Hybrid Phone Gap mobile App Development by Certified Developers
  • Alif Tech uses modern day Technologies to Compete with Global Standards also for Client Satisfaction
  • Alif Technologies Provides 100% Satisfactory Products & Services to all its Clients Around the Globe
  • Alif Technologies is among the top IT Based companies in J&K with 20+ Highly skilled Professional
  • Alif Technologies is a ISO 9001-2008 Company believes in professional atmosphere and work Culture.
  • ALIF Designers, Developers are Highly skilled professionals and Dedicated support Team always there

There is no doubt in increase of potential profits from internet as more and more shoppers are becoming e-buyers. That’s why an e-commerce website developed by Alif Technologies Systems will bring your business the highest of the profits through online shopping.

We have our very own e-commerce platform that is custom built to ensure the utmost reliability and user-friendliness when it comes to selling your goods online. Own platform and custom built mean that all your requirements will be satisfied according to you by tailor made solutions, and you will get a site you want and the functionality you need.

Online shopping is increasing at a very fast pace because of the comfort it provides and time it saves. That’s why an own e-commerce platform will help you a lot in reaping heaps of profits. Not only the site but its 24×7 availability and functioning will make profit for you at every minute of the day.

E-commerce developed by Alif Technologies Systems can be integrated with any online payment system, including the industry leader PayPal, and every site we build is set up on a secured server. This ensures the privacy and security that is a prerequisite for you and your customers both in the world of online shopping.

Our e-commerce platform is not only live 24×7 but it makes the online shopping as easy as possible for maximum profit. We also provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to do the following;

  • Add/Edit/Delete Current Products on Sale.
  • Upload Product Images
  • Provide Automated Email Invoices to Your Customers
  • Easy to use Admin Area
  • The Ability to Market an Unlimited Amount of Products
  • And Many More Features…


We not only offer this, but our dedicated and well versed team of professionals will also ensure that your site is optimized so that it achieves a high ranking in search engines, so that the potential of making profit increases manifolds.

So when there is so much to grab, do not wait anymore and contact us at the earliest.

Alif Technologies Systems not only provides solutions to above things or a website to store relevant data with growth, but it also handles the complex admin work for you in an easy and cost effective manner.

Every business requires a website to reflect its growth as the business expands with time. Alif Technologies offers a website with such complex designs which enable the clients to store customer details, product details and lots of such relevant data for business’ healthy growth. Our solutions are flexible, easily manageable and are tailor made to suit all of our client’s requirements. We can provide a system that stores all the information you require, and present it to your users as the way you want it.

We have tremendous experience with AJAX, Flex, Flash Action Script and with effective use of Open source platforms available, we leverage on the existing tried and tested frameworks to effectively get the job done in time effective fashion.
We create top-notch Rich Internet Applications using web 2.0 technologies such as Adobe Flex / Flash Action Script, Adobe AIR, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, PHP, JQuery and MS Silver light. These Rich Internet Applications (RIA) solutions are web based applications that have the features of traditional desktop applications based applications with better interactivity and data communication.

We offer complex solutions that will enable your website to offer the following:

  • Login Systems
  • Forums
  • Guestbook Features
  • Search Features

Alif Technologies not only provides solutions to above things or a website to store relevant data with growth, but it also handles the complex admin work for you in an easy and cost effective manner.

A database driven website provides maximum functionality to its customers and ensures maximum interaction with the site in a much more easy way. In addition to this Alif Technologies’ optimization techniques, for getting your website a high ranking in search engine ensures that our clients see an increase in business every time.

Skill Sets of Alif Technologies

  • Adobe Flash / Flex Development
  • Adobe AIR Development
  • Microsoft Silverlight Development
  • HTML5.0 & CSS3 Development
  • Contact us to know more about our Rich Internet Apps development services and solutions or hire our RIA developers for your needs.

Are You Looking for VOIP Solutions?

Alif Technologies expert hosted call center solutions are there to all kinds of problems for you to release from all those tensions regarding call center. We have been continuously trying our best to provide you the most hassle free, accurate and easy solutions.’

Possible Problems:

  • Do you have one or more of these problems? If yes, we can help.
  • Want skill based call routing and agent productivity reporting
  • Want an affordable solution for your call center
  • Do not want to make major investments upfront
  • Want call recording for training and coaching

Our Solutions

We can fix up all these problems and more with Alif Technologies’ hosted call center solution in the cloud.

Alif Technologies features a fully configurable A.C.D, skill based call routing, I.V.R, recording and reporting capabilities. With investments upfront you can get these features on the cloud, where you can receive calls in your existing land line or mobile numbers. We provide you with an efficient and professional operation with an enterprise technology. Alif Technologies has the capability to provide one unified efficient solution to all your problems.

Harnessing the power of the mobile technology for your business!

There are certain well defined advantages of developing mobile applications for Android systems. Android operating system is used on almost all the smart phones which are not developed by Apple. This makes it hold the 33% market share and this, of course, increases the market that an Android mobile app could hit.

Apple’s stringent checks are very advantageous when it comes to quality but it’s very hard to get on Apple’s app store than to get onto an Android market.

Android’s open market stance means that it is much quicker and easier to get a mobile application up and running once development has been concluded.

The Android Smartphone and tablet computer market is growing at an increasingly fast pace, having overtaken the iPhone and iPad in terms of market penetration in some areas. Around 60,000 Android powered devices are activated the world over every day, so why not take advantage of an ever-expanding client base?

The Android operating system has also extended to tablets as many of these devices used the system. Alif Technologies expertise in developing for the iPad is a proof of our ability for developing apps for any other system. It doesn’t matter whatever way you want or through whichever route you want to venture in app developing business, we are here to provide the top quality service.

So don’t wait, just contact us for a hassle free Android app development and ongoing support.


  • Sales Force Automation
  • Inventory Tracking and Verification
  • Mobile Service Force Management
  • Logistics Tracking and Warehouse Management
  • Integration with backend ERP software systems
  • Mobile Product Development and Testing Services
  • Feed Reading System in iPhone
  • Shopping Services in iphone
  • GPS based application development for iPhone
  • Game Application development for iPhone
  • Professional cooking training services in iPad
  • File Sharing System in iPad

Mobile Application Development

  • Tracking item status and synchronization
  • CRM based Mobile product development
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