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  • Hybrid Phone Gap mobile App Development by Certified Developers
  • Alif Tech uses modern day Technologies to Compete with Global Standards also for Client Satisfaction
  • Alif Technologies Provides 100% Satisfactory Products & Services to all its Clients Around the Globe
  • Alif Technologies is among the top IT Based companies in J&K with 20+ Highly skilled Professional
  • Alif Technologies is a ISO 9001-2008 Company believes in professional atmosphere and work Culture.
  • ALIF Designers, Developers are Highly skilled professionals and Dedicated support Team always there

HDD Backup & Recovery

Our backup and recovery specialists will help you transfer critical files to an external hard drive, a CD/DVD, or to an online backup service for future retrieval. Additionally, if you have lost important information, our data recovery specialists will help you recover as much of the information as possible.


Complete Hard Disk Recovery and Backup Solutions

Kash Support Online  offer you the best computer tech support whenever you need. If you are having computer problems in the middle of the night, just give our experienced techies a call and they will provide you with the highest quality of tech support.

Alif Technologies has a specialized computer tech support division with highly trained remote support techies to help you at anytime. The best part is that you do not need to leave home to get your tech support. We provide home computer tech support and our computer support techies will remotely fix your computer while you relax at home.

What we do

  • Configure your computer to automatically backup data to an external hard drive, another PC, or to an online backup service.
  • The backup operation will cover user’s individual profile, email messages, documents, and any other settings and preferences.
  • Prevent data from being written on damaged hard drive locations.
  • Recover deleted / lost files.
  • Attempt and recover damaged data from your hard drive.
  • Perform hard disk health scans.
  • Restore backups from hard drive

Defrag Computer

If you are searching for secure online Tech support, choose Kash Support Online. We offer secure online tech support around the clock every single day. We are Certified Professionals and we strictly stick to our stringent standards. We offer various types of technical solutions such as Defrag Computer, Install ant-virus guards etc. We offer tech solutions anytime and anywhere via Internet. Our techies are attentive to your problems and provide immediate solutions.


Defrag Your Computer

Defragmentation reduces the amount of fragmentation in file systems. You have to defrag computer at least weekly because it could be a reason for the slow speed of your PC. Our Techies are well trained to do this process. You can handover your PC to our techies without any hesitation. They will defrag your computer via the internet. Just sit and relax while our techies defrag your computer,We will be at you service anywhere and anytime via online.

Other Services:-

  • Defrag
  • Best Defrag For Your Computer
  • Slow Internet Speed
  • Defragment
  • Defragmenting
  • Computer Crash
  • PC Performance
  • Defragment Hard Drive
  • Disk Defragmentation
  • Disk Defragmenter
  • Defragmenter
  • Best Disk Defragmenter
  • How to Defragment Your Computer

Email Problems

Kash Support will help you solve your email problems online. Email problems relating to Web services such as Gmail or Hotmail are also covered under our support program.We specialize in solving email problems relating to desktop email clients .

Troubleshoot Email Problems

We can help you route and consolidate emails from multiple accounts. Additionally, we can help you personalize your email application so that you can have your own signature, create mailing lists, or set up automatic notices.

What we do

  • Troubleshoot and rectify email problems
  • Prevent SPAM (unsolicited emails) from reaching your inbox
  • Create specific email rules or enable auto replies to the mails you receive
  • Configure Outlook to work with Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Solve email problems relating to distribution lists
  • Back up emails, contacts, and calendars

Home Network Support


Home Wireless Network

We offer you unlimited tech support 24×7 and the techies will provide you with online support for your wireless home networking. Whether you need help troubleshooting the home network wireless router or you simply need your home network setup our techies are always available to assist you. Just Contact us and get your home wireless network problems solved.

we adhere to most stringent standards and our techies are trained according to these standards. You can be assured that when you receive home wireless network support from us it is of the highest quality. Our techies are put through a rigorous training program before they can provide home wireless network support to our customers. Anytime you need us to troubleshoot your home network setup or simply install your wireless home network our techies are available to provide you with unlimited tech support. We guarantee you an outstanding experience every time so contact us now on  and solve all your home wireless network problems.

Our Home Wireless Network Services Include

  • Home Wireless Network Setup
  • Home Wireless Router Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Home Wireless Network


Virus & Spyware Removal


Remove Spyware and Malware from Your Computer

Now that you have identified the problem, how are you going to fix it? Alif Technologies Techies can assist you with the computer virus removal procedure so you do not have to tear our hair out in frustration. Our team of computer virus removal experts will provide you with the best computer virus help. If you have a virus on your computer, the Alif Technologies Techies computer virus removal experts can help in removing the virus from the computer. Our specialized computer virus removal help desk will promptly answer your calls and immediately provide you with remote computer virus removal to fix your virus issue. The best part is that you will be receiving unlimited computer virus removal support.

Techies has a team dedicated for computer virus removal. Dealing with viruses can be tricky and that is why our computer virus removal experts are constantly updating themselves with the latest computer virus removal tools available. Alif Technologies Online Techies ensures that the computer virus removal specialists undergo consistent training so they can be up to date with the newest computer virus removal procedures before they carry out the removal of a virus from your computer.


New Computer Setup Help


Bought a new PC? Planning to upgrade? Alif Technologies will take you through the various options available to help you make an informed decision. We will help you with the new computer setup online instantly.

We perform tasks such as transferring your existing files, personal settings, system preferences, bookmarks, passwords etc, to your new PC with ease.


Need Help Setting Up Computer

Generally, your new computer setup will not have all the necessary components to operate securely. Our agents will install the essential security softwares, Hotfixes and patches to keep your new computer safe.

New Computer Setup Services

  • Help setup your new computer
  • Carryout upgrade compatibility tests
  • Install recommended service packs and patches secure your PC
  • Prevent Your PC from slowing down by optimizing at set intervals
  • Transfer data between your new computer and your old one
  • Help you install or upgrade you applications to a new version


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