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Website Auditing

Alif Technologies provides website auditing services help businesses to understand how accessible and welcoming their website is to visitors. Our website audit help you to find these.

If your website is not performing as well as it should be, there could be a number of reasons. It could be that your site is not very appealing in its design or the menu system is complicated and navigation around the site is difficult; or in certain situations, it may be that there are coding or functionality issues that are affecting your ranking or are putting users off! Whatever be the cause, our professional website audit is the most appropriate way to identify and tackle the issue and put an action plan to solve them.

Our website audit services consist of the following key areas:

Website Design Audit

Is your site appealing and welcoming? Does it follow your brand guidelines and is the look and feel consistent across different browsers and platforms? Our website auditing will even look at the optimisation of your site in terms of the graphics and flash to identify if savings can be made with regards to bandwidth costs and load time.

Website Navigation Audit

The navigation structure of a website is a critical element for both human and search engine visitors. Are visitors able to get from the homepage to any other page within a reasonable number of clicks? Can they get from one sub-page to any other sub-page in an equal number of clicks? Are the navigation headings intuitive and have breadcrumbs been implemented to help guide visitors? All these factors and more will be included in our website audit report.

Website Usability Audit

Under this, we analyse elements like load time and format of key features like on-line catalogues and price lists etc. We also review the completion time of newsletter sign ups and other online forms. If your website has downloadable files in formats such as pdf or streamed content, do you include links to file readers or media players? In the case of an ecommerce site, our testing will determine how easy it is for users to find various items, add them to a basket and pay for them? We also determine how informative the ecommerce site is both during and after purchase? Finally, we do analyse how the ecommerce site function when it is being visited by tens, hundreds or even thousands of users simultaneously? We do thorough analysis in all these areas and provide a detailed report.

Website Accessibility Audit

In many instances, web accessibility for the visually or physically impaired person is a key issue. The standards for website accessibility are well defined, but are quite complex in areas and so it is not surprising therefore that many sites fall short of requirements. Our audit will highlight any area which fall short and requires improvement.

Website Content Audit

Here, we review the contents of the site more specifically: the common issues such as grammar and spelling, but also for more esoteric aspects, such as relevance, usefulness and accuracy of the content. We then report and highlight where the style of content is in conflict with your target audience.

Website Code Audit

Under this audit, we look at the code behind the site, both obvious and less obvious. For instance, perhaps the site is built on an ecommerce or content management system platform, which is outdated and causes errors to be reported by one or more browsers. Alternatively, perhaps no errors are reported but the code is not sufficiently optimised to run efficiently, especially when accessed my many users simultaneously.

Audit Of Website Functionality

Many websites include a number of online forms, various links and other dynamic content. There is nothing more off-putting to users than to receive errors 404 when visiting your site! We address this issue and will test each functional element of your site to ensure they work as required.

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